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Why Choose Slagle Roofing & Construction Inc. of
Pittsburgh & Southwestern Pa?

  • Great customer service
  • 28 year roofing experience in Residential & Commercial roofing
  • Fast insurance claim assistance
  • Complete roof installation warranty
  • Roof manufacturer warranties
  • Yard "Super clean" guarantee after we leave

What To Expect When Calling Us

When you request an roof estimate from Slagle Roofing, a roofing consultant will come to your house to determine your roofing needs.  To do this, he will start by asking a few questions such as how long do you expect to live in your current residence and what types of problems you are having with your existing roof.  For example, you may have a leaking roof, or suspect roof damage from a recent storm. We will answer all of these questions.

You May Not Need A New Roof At All

Modern roofing materials are made to last for many years.  If our inspection indicates that your roof is suffering from isolated damage, but the rest of the roof still has years of dependable service left in it, we may recommend just repairing the existing roof. A simple roof repair can save you thousands of dollars. If your roof leak repair requires us to install new shingles, you'll be glad to know that our wide range of shingle colors from multiple suppliers means you'll get the closest match possible to your existing roof color.


Landscaping and Our Roof Work

Regardless of whether we make a small repair or replace your entire roof, we will take considerable care to protect your home's landscaping.  With our Super Clean guarantee, we thoroughly clean up your yard of any roofing materials we may have removed or used during the work on your home.  We even use very powerful magnets to clean up any roofing nails we may have accidentally dropped in your yard.


Extending the Life of Your Roof

Many homes have specific weaknesses in their roof designs.  Areas around pipes, chimneys, ventilation ducts, etc can often cause your roof to leak.  Instead of just replacing a few shingles, a quality roof now consists on a system of items all working together as a cohesive whole.  This makes your roof much more durable against the harsh Pennsylvania elements.  These roof systems include shingles, leak barriers, attic vents, etc.  In combination, many of these items provide added stability, durability and energy-efficiency.  Allow us to come up with a roof system for you that will greatly extend the life of your existing roof, or support the longevity of your new roof.


Pennsylvania Service Areas

Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland, Fayette, and Greene Counties

*We do travel for bigger commercial jobs